Stray animals

We seem to have a lot of stray cats and dogs around here. There are so many that you can not start worrying every time you see one. Here is my mental categorization scheme:

  • Cats that only come out at night: don’t worry. They can fend for themselves.
  • Cats that walk around during the day but do not meow at people: don’t worry. They are doing fine.
  • Cats that walk around during the day, look very skinny, and meow at you continuously: worry.
  • Dogs that walk around on their own: worry. Dogs should not walk around on their own.

I can’t figure out what to do about them, though. LA Animal Services ends up killing an awful lot of cats and dogs each year, because there are not enough owners to adopt the pets in their shelters. So if I call the Animal Services, the cat or dog will enjoy regular feedings for a while, followed by a 1 in 2 chance of death. Shouldn’t I just leave them to walk around on the streets?

Yesterday I found a homeless dog outside of Ralph’s. He was very large and looked much like the Metro-Goldwyn-Mayer lion. I bought him a can of dog food and left him there. He tried to bite me when I pet him.

Next to the homeless dog was a homeless man (the two were unrelated). At least, I think the man was homeless. I didn’t ask. I did not buy him any canned food. It seems I was more worried about the dog.


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