Independent study

Conclusions from study of 5 assorted home-decorating magazines, a.k.a. “Rich people have annoying taste”

My own guidelines:

  1. NO decorative objects (vases, bowls, bird sculptures, whatever) unless they were a Christmas present from a family member or otherwise very special. Any such items must NOT go on bedside tables/coffee tables/etc. where tea cups and magazines pile up, but be placed in display cases/wall shelves or similar.
  2. No slipcovers.
  3. No useless antique books.
  4. No nautical or beach themes,floral-print fabrics, hunting themes, antlers.
  5. No nail-studded furniture.
  6. No chunky-legged tables or chairs.
  7. No whitewashed anything, no shabby chic, no streaky paint.
  8. No visual clutter. No carved wood items, unless each line of the pattern is distinct. No messy-looking floral bouquet/scallop/curlicue carvings.
  9. No items without a purpose, chairs you can’t sit on, etc.
  11. Watch out for mixed woods on items that are right next to each other. I don’t care what the rest of the world says, I just don’t think this looks good.
  12. Yeah right, as if I am going to have freshly-cut flowers in vases in every room and eat breakfast on the “veranda.”
  13. Why is everyone putting in white, Shaker-style cabinets in their kitchens? RESIST THE TREND.
  14. I like saturated colors. This works well with a basic white-wall color scheme, with black or white framing elements.
  15. Mixing antique items and modern items can be nice, provided points 1-11 are observed.
  16. I do like marble-topped tables, if the legs are relatively clean in design.

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