I usually do not drive on weekdays, but last week I had occasion to be on the freeways during rush hour, in the rain. It was awful. The traffic was moving about 15-20 mph. I really do not understand why this is allowed to happen. WHY do we build highway systems and then let them completely break? From a systems perspective, the system of highways + cars is operating at WAY over capacity, with the result that efficiency breaks down, and the time it takes for people to get anywhere goes way up.

I think we should regulate the system so that traffic always flows at >50mph. There are many ways this could be done. I favor some form of charging people per mile to operate a car (either by having toll roads, a gas tax, or whatever is most practical; it would be nice to incorporate peak-hour pricing). The fees should be increased until the traffic speeds stay above 50, and the proceeds put into public transport.


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