It looks like we will be homeowners. This calls for a change in style. No more talk of sex offenders or crime; from here on out, it’s all about boosting my property value.

To start the boosterism, today’s subject will be our house’s collectible-quality antique door hinges. Ssee picture below. If I was a more ardent blogger, you would get a picture of the actual hinges, along with a step-by-step photo tutorial in how to remove paint by simply boiling in water. However, I am not that type of dedicated blogger, so you get a somewhat similar hinge from the Internet. Apparently, people pay $20-$50 for these hinges.

I imagine that after paying $50 for a hinge (and/or removing your hinges, boiling them in water to strip the paint off, and rehanging the doors), it would start to become very important to have visitors who actually notice said hinges. To this end, we should make friends with all the local owners of restored Victorians and Craftsmans. Alternately, we could avoid the local owners of Victorians and Craftsmans to escape the social pressure of boiling the paint off of your hinges in the first place.

Click to enlarge

Antique door hinge


2 responses to “Boosterism

  1. So will you tell us where is the house that the said door hinge rests?

  2. I don’t want anyone stealing my door hinges, now do I?

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