My suburban grocery experience

I have a colleague that I chat with once in a while about life, work, etc. Sometimes we get on to the subject of living in the neighborhood (he lives out in Fullerton).

“Whenever I’ve thought about living around here,” he says, “I think about the time I went in to the market and looked at the produce, and realized that they don’t have the produce here that we have where I live.”

I respond that there is a Ralph’s around the corner, and that it provides a very “surburban” shopping experience, complete with all standard fruits and vegetables, and offering Emmentaler cheese and Odwalla bars. There is also the Superior, which has lots of interesting produce with a Hispanic twist, is much cheaper, but also has much longer lines. (I should also mention the Farmer’s Market– Tuesday mornings, corner of Hoover and Jefferson).

We’ve now had this conversation 3 times, spaced about 6 months apart. Unfortunately, my colleague’s lived experience (went to market once, saw sub-par vegetables) sticks in the memory much more strongly than hearsay (descriptions of an un-seen Ralph’s).

In a larger sense, I suspect that many of my co-workers are still operating on memories of 1970, or 1980, or 1990 (riot days?) as far as downtown LA, University Park, and West Adams are concerned.


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