Atwater Village, Silver Lake, and me

I went to a party in Atwater Village this weekend and then checked out a few of the furniture stores in Silver Lake.

So, I don’t get it. Can someone explain to me why these areas are “cool” and my neighborhood is not? At first glance, they are all predominantly Hispanic neighborhoods (OK, actually, I’m not sure about Atwater Village, but Silver Lake seemed to have a lot of Spanish billboards and signs) with single-family houses that have bars across the windows. Yet Silver Lake, anyway, has expensive boutiques scattered among the pupuserias, while my neighborhood does not. It also has a gelato store, a sure sign it is “cool”. Is it the hills? I guess the hills could be nice.

Anyone want to enlighten me on the last few decades of LA demographic shifts?


3 responses to “Atwater Village, Silver Lake, and me

  1. I don’t know where you are exactly, but it sounds like you are near South Central. South Central has long been treated very poorly in regards to development. The part of LA that is thought of as the “black” section has always been thought of the section that doesn’t need cool stuff, because people felt there was no money to be made. You do have some more upper class middle class black enclaves that on their own built stuff, some parts around Leimert Park, Windsor Hills, Baldwin Hills etc…the reason that where you live is how it is, is mainly owing to the very prejudice and harsh way that neighborhoods that were traditionally black have been treated in LA. Central Avenue the black section of LA was destroyed by the LAPD in the 1950s and it’s been of lot of that kind of thing that prevented black LA from building a historical history….more later…

  2. Oh I like to add the rail system in LA one of the reasons it was dismantled was owing to the influx of African-Americans post WW2, people like talking about the car company conspiracy, but they like to gloss over that little interesting part of LA history and how segregation was enforced in LA by limiting movement of certain people.

  3. I can speak to Atwater. I moved here from Hollywood (am an LA native) in 1999 and have loved it ever since. It’s a small community within the larger city filled with all different kinds of people who, despite so many obstacles, actually do pretty much get along. I can walk to local restuarants, banks, cafes, bars and with few exceptions, love every minute of it.

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